Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Hello and welcome to a part two of Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions. In this blog I will be listing a few more frequently asked questions that might be asked when Geocaching.

How many Geocaches should I find before hiding my very own Geocache?


On the official Geocaching website, it is recommended that you at least find 20 Geocaches before hiding your own one so you can see what the best hiding place is and how to create an enjoyable experience for the person who would find it.

Am I allowed to move a Geocache once I have found it?


Simple answer is no. You shouldn’t move a Geocache as it can ruin the whole experience for everyone else but if you do think the location is not suitable for hiding a Geocache, you can email the Geocache owner through the Geocaching website.

What should I do when I cannot find a Geocache?


You shouldn’t give up straight away, just keep looking. One thing you can do is read cache listing again to see if you have missed anything important, check the difficulty and terrain levels, have a read through the previous logs on the cache listing page, read the hint and if you still cannot find it, leave a DNF log on the cache listing.

Is there any limit on hiding my own Geocaches?


Nope, there is no limit but there is some guidelines on how far they need to be from each other. says “Geocache containers and physical stages of different geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) apart”. This is so an area is not full of lots of Geocaches and they’re spread out. You can see how to work out the distance between your future geocache and a hidden geocache here –

Which device is best for Geocaching, Mobile Phone or a Handheld GPS Device?

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It is all down to personal preference, a handheld GPS device is a lot more accurate with GPS signal over a mobile phone but with a mobile phone you can log your Geocache find straight away, on a GPS device there’s no option to log your find. A basic GPS device will cost you around £70-£80, on a mobile phone you only need the official and a premium membership.
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