Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been asked a few questions about different things to do with Geocaching, so we thought we would list some frequently asked questions which people may ask about Geocaching.

What app can I use for Geocaching on a smartphone?

We recommend using the official Geocaching app which is available both on Android and iPhone, you use a free Geocaching login and then you can find the cache on the app and then use your GPS on your phone to find it.


Where is the best place to hide a Geocache?

The best place to hide a Geocache is somewhere that is well hidden and somewhere that is not too hard to access.

What size Geocache is best to hide?

Well that’s upto you really, any size is better than nothing. The smaller the better preferably as it would be more of an adventure to find and discover. You can even do a virtual Geocache where you can get people to work out coordinates which then takes them to a place with a view or of special interest to that Geocacher who hid the Geocache.

What is the best GPS system to use?

There are a lot of GPS systems on the market, you can get cheaper ones which do basic things and you can also get higher spec ones which can have touch screen and built in WiFi. The best one we recommend is the Garmin eTrex 10, it’s has 2.2inch screen which is easy to read in any kind of light, it’s also waterproof and durable and it also supports Geocaching GPX files which you can transfer via USB from your computer. You can find this GPS unit on amazon here.


Who can do Geocaching?

Anyone of all ages can do Geocaching, you must have a lot of energy and a lot of patience when finding Geocaches. Geocaching is popular with families as you can spend quality time with each other and it’s also popular with retired people who want to spend their time outdoors exploring instead of sitting indoors doing nothing.

Why should I do Geocaching?

We think you should do Geocaching because it gets you outside exploring new places that might not even of thought to visit. You can also make new friends via the network of Geocachers on and go Geocaching with them.

If you can think of anymore frequently asked questions that we could list, let us know by messaging us on our social media pages or via the contact form and the contact page on this site.

Thanks for reading!


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Header Image – Luke

App – Luke/Google Play Store


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